Academic Assistance

Eligible Employees pay tuition and fees (after gaining approval) and are reimbursed upon successful course completion

 Academic Assistance (Tuition Reimbursement)

Under this program, eligible employees have the opportunity to take work-related courses at a community college, junior college or university.  Employees must pre-pay tuition and fees (after getting approval) for class and upon successful completion of the class they will be reimbursed for tuition and fees from their perspective departmental funds.

Eligibility Requirements

1. Full-time and part-time (half time or more) permanent, probationary and time-limited employees are eligible for Academic Assistance.

2. Probationary employees are eligible after satisfactory performance for a period of not less than six months as determined by management. 

3. Temporary and part-time (less than half time) are not eligible. 

Full details can be found by reading the Office of State Human Resources Policy on Academic Assistance 

Before Taking Class

1.  Employees must obtain prior approval from supervisor before taking the class to ensure monies are available for reimbursement.  Sections I and II of the Educational Assistance form (link to form below) must be completed.  Form may be retained in departmental office until the employee has successfully completed class.

2.  Employees must retain original copy of receipt showing tuition payment and original copy of passing grade to submit with completed form at the conclusion of the class.

3.  Completed form, with proper signatures, original copy of receipt and passing grade must be submitted to Human Resources for approval.

Courses of Study

Employees may take up to 10 semester hours per academic term

  1. Classes must be 'work-related'.

  2. Classes may be requirements for a degree, licensure or certificate needed to improve or maintain your current position.

  3. Classes must provide 'academic credit'. Correspondence courses or Continuing Education CEU's are not eligible.

Before utilizing this program, please determine if you qualify for and have exhausted your tuition waiver benefit. For additional information see the Tuition Waiver.

Academic Assistance Form