Learning and Development

Welcome to UNC Charlotte’s Learning & Organizational Development page!

Gears with the names, organiztional development, professional development, and leadership development

As part of the larger Human Resources department, we are dedicated exclusively to the professional, leadership and organizational development of our staff employees. 

We support the University’s mission by:

  • Conducting certificate and leadership programs
  • Offering a wide variety of both functional and technical courses
  • Developing  knowledge, skills and abilities

Our team is available to conduct workshops on demand for intact departments and work teams.  We can also assist you in identifying learning and development needs within your teams.  Our courses are designed with the latest industry leading methodology and are interactive, application based and transferable to the role you play on campus.  



2015 Learning and Development Catalog


People are saying:

I loooooved this work shop! Best fun I've had yet in a workshop. Great amount of interaction, I had hoped that it would be a longer workshop to accommodate more interactive activities. Many  interesting conversations arose and we could have gone on for days!” [sic]

“One of the best sessions I have ever had on this campus........very helpful, useful tools, and made me want to make some changes in my life that I hope will not only benefit me, my home, my  job but the folks around as well.” [sic]