New Employee Benefits FAQs

What benefits am I eligible for in my position?

Eligibility for insurance, leave, and retirement benefits is based on position type and work hours.  Reference the Benefits Eligibility Chart for more information. 

What is the effective date of coverage?

The effective date for state health Insurance is first of month or second month after hire for enrollments made within 30 days of hire.

The effective date for other insurance (i.e. dental, vision, etc) is the first of month after hire for enrollments made within 30 days of hire.

The effective date for state retirement is the first day of employment.

What is the enrollment deadline?

The enrollment deadline is based on the type of benefit.  It is 30 days from hire date for state insurance and 60 days from hire date for retirement.

Are their pre-existing conditions for health plans?

There are no pre-existing conditions for health plans.

When do I receive insurance cards?

Dental Insurance Cards are not issued (register and log into to obtain).

Vision Insurance Cards are not issued (register and log into to obtain). 

Health Insurance Cards are issued by the vendor within approximately two weeks after enrollment. 

Is health insurance worldwide?

Worldwide access to network hospital/physicians is provided through the Blue Card Program.

Is pre-authorization required?

Preauthorization is required for certain covered services (reference the plan documents and discuss with your provider)

When are premiums deducted from pay?

Premiums are deducted from pay as follows:

  • Health Insurance: bi-monthly – deducted a month in advance of coverage
  • Other Insurance bi-monthly – deducted the month of coverage
  • State Retirement Contributions bi-monthly – deducted from all eligible earnings
  • Supplemental Retirement Contributions:  bi-monthly

How do I receive benefits communication regarding news/opportunities?

The Benefits Office notifies employees via email of benefits news/opportunities.

Who do I contact if I have benefit questions?

Questions for benefits should be directed to the general benefits email or phone number (704) 687-8134

Is there an on-line presentation I can view to learn more about the benefits provided?

Please reference the New Hire Benefits Orientation to view an on-line presentation of the benefits provided, based on eligibility.

What is the benefits orientation process for new employees?

To learn more about the benefits package, orientation, and enrollment process, reference the New Employee Benefits Information webpage.