Grievance and Appeal Procedures for Employees Subject to the State Human Resources Act


Dated: May 1, 2017
Category: Employee Relations / Compliance
Contact: Executive Director of Employee Relations, EHRA NF Administration and Compliance 

Statement of Purpose

In order to maintain a harmonious and cooperative relationship between the University and its staff employees subject to the provisions of the State Human Resources Act (SHRA), formerly State Personnel Act (SPA), the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNC Charlotte) adheres to The University of North Carolina System (UNC) Grievance Policy to provide for the orderly settlement of problems and differences. Each supervisor and each staff member has an obligation to make every effort to resolve problems as they arise. The University encourages the resolution of grievances on an informal basis whenever possible. However, when a complaint cannot be resolved informally, the University provides for a formal review, which will seek a fair and timely solution. Use of the formal grievance procedure shall not prejudice the service or status of the staff member. 

Questions regarding this policy, or assistance with or information on filing a grievance, please contact the Employee Relations Unit of the Human Resource Department at 704-687-0662.

The employee grievance policy can be found on the states website via the aformentioned link or by going to North Carolina's Office of State Human Resources website at

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