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Student Employees

Welcome to the Student Employee homepage - your one-stop resource for current job listings, answers to frequently asked questions, and other important topics of interest. The information included in this section is provided in support of prospective, or current, student temporary employees of all types - Federal Work Study, Graduate Assistant, Student Temporary Wage, and/or other currently-enrolled, UNC Charlotte students who have interest in off-campus employment opportunities. 

Prior to Your First Day of Employment you need to...

I-9 Verification Documents

If you have an unexpired US Passport or a Permanent Resident Card, you only need to bring one of these documents.  If you do not have one of these documents, you will need to bring: an unexpired government issued photo ID (i.e. Student ID, Drivers License, or Military ID) and a work authorization document (i.e. Social Security Card or Birth Certificate).

Student Employee Responsibilities and Rights

Student Employee Responsibilities

By being offered, and accepting, an on-campus student temporary employment assignment, a student becomes a valued member of a department that relies upon him/her for productivity and professionalism. Accordingly, all student employees should: 

  • Report to work as scheduled and on time;
  • Provide timely notification to your direct supervisor if you must be late, and/or absent;  
  • Adhere to all appropriate dress code requirements, as outlined by your direct supervisor;
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all records accessed in the course of your assigned responsibilities;
  • Complete, and submit, all monthly timesheets in an accurate, thorough, and timely manner;
  • Commit to a job for no less than one semester, unless a prior arrangement has been agreed upon by all parties; 
  • Maintain current enrollment status and/or provide timely notification of any change in status to your direct supervisor.
Student Employee Rights

A student temporary employee is entitled to certain rights and expectations. Accordingly, all supervisors of student employees should:

  • Work closely with the student employee to ensure the job assignment does not conflict with the student's class schedule;  
  • Provide adequate training and/or helpful feedback/guidance to ensure successful work performances;
  • Ensure availability of work to provide the student employee with a legitimate opportunity to earn wages;
  • Monitor the student employee's time sheet and submit all appropriately approved/signed documentation within established payroll deadlines;  
  • Accept financial responsibility for any earnings beyond established thresholds (Federal Work Study award amounts);
  • Work collaboratively with the student employee to ensure successful resolution of any complaints, conflicts, or other issues, as necessary.