Student Temporary Wage

What are the primary differences between Student Temporary Wage and Federal Work Study positions?

Student temporary wage positions differ from those associated with the Federal Work Study program in the following ways:

  • Student temporary wage positions are open to any interested, and currently enrolled, UNC Charlotte student;
  • There are no financial eligibility requirements which must be met to obtain a position of this type;
  • Student temporary wage positions are funded exclusively from departmental financial resources (operating budget, grants, receipts, student activity fees, etc.);
  • Hiring departments are required to list all student temporary wage positions on the University's job site

How much can I earn as a Student Temporary Wage employee?

Student temporary wage employees will not be paid less than the current Federal Minumum Wage rate of $7.25 per hour and may be compensated at a higher rate depending upon critieria such as: the skills and/or responsibiliites required of the position's incumbent; length or service; etc.  

How many hours may I work each week? 

During the academic year and the summer while they are attending classes, students are allowed to work up to twenty (20) hours in any given week. However, during the summer, if the student is not enrolled in summer courses and the department wants to employ a student to work over 20 hours a week, an exception form will need to be completed, approved and submitted to HR. The exception form is required for student employees working 30 or more hours a week for at least 12 weeks, due to eligibility requirements for the Affordable Care Act

I have recently started work as a Student Temporary Wage employee. When will I be paid?

Student Temporary Wage hourly employees are paid monthly on the 15th (or last business day prior to the 15th) for all hours worked in the preceding month (e.g.: payment in October for September hours worked).  Timesheets must be completed, signed, and submitted to your supervisor via WebTime Entry, no later than the first day of the month in which you are to be paid (e.g. 10/1 for a 10/15 pay date).  If an electronic time sheet is not available to you, you will submit a paper hard copy.  Paper timesheets can be found on the Payroll Website under forms.

As a Student Temporary Wage employee, am I eligible to receive benefits?

No. Student employees (of any type) - Federal Work Study, Graduate Assistants, Student Temporary Wage - are ineligible to receive paid vacation, sick, or holiday leave, as well as, paid medical and/or dental insurance.  

I am currently working in a Federal Work Study position. May I also work as a Student Temporary Wage employee? 

Yes - provided that the total hours worked (combined between both positions) do not exceed twenty (20) hours in any given week. The student employee is responsible for ensuring strict adherence to this requirement.