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Tuition Waiver

The Tuition Waiver program is to provide an opportunity for an eligible employee to have the tuition waived for a course taken at UNC Charlotte or at one of the other 15 constituent universities within the North Carolina System.  Participation is voluntary and employees may take courses for professional or career development. 

Employees are allowed to take three classes per academic year.  The three courses may be taken as follows: No more than two of the three courses permitted each year may be taken during either the fall or spring term, and not more than one of the three courses may be taken during the summer instructional period (first summer session, second summer session, and other periods of instruction falling between spring commencement and the first day of classes for the following fall semester  The maximum an individual will be permitted to take is three courses during the academic year (fall, spring, summer).

Eligibility Requirements

The Tuition Waiver program is available to EPA or SPA, full-time, permanent faculty or staff employees (SPA employees no longer have to complete the probationary period for eligibility) who meet the following criteria:

1. Employees who are regularly scheduled to work 30 hours or more each week, 9 months of the year or longer.

2. Employee must meet normal work obligations and continue his or her permanent employment status for the entire semester during which the course is taken. Upon termination of employment, the employee is billed for the tuition and fees for the entire semester unless he or she has officially withdrawn from the class.

3. Employee is responsible for the Admission Process and the course Registration Process; the tuition waiver application is the final step in the process.

4. Employees enrolled in distance education and extension courses that provides academic credit will qualify for tuition waiver.

5. Continuing education workshops, certificate programs, and seminars that provides CEU’s, do not qualify for the tuition waiver.

 As an university employee, you may be awarded an ‘employee discount’ for many of the workshops, certificate programs, and seminars offered through Continuing Education. Please refer to HR’s Training website.

For additional information contact the Office of Continuing Education, Extension and Summer Programs.

Faculty / Staff Textbook Loan Program

Any employee who has been approved for participation in the Tuition Waiver program is also eligible for the Faculty/Staff Textbook Loan program.  This pilot program, funded by UNC Charlotte Business Services, allows eligible UNC Charlotte employees to borrow required textbooks from the Barnes & Noble at UNC Charlotte campus store for classes taken as part of the UNC Charlotte Tuition Waiver Program. In order to participate in the Textbook Loan program, specific criteria must be met and an FSTL Program Application must be completed for each term. The purchase price of the books being borrowed is limited to $200 per course (for up to 3 courses per academic year).

 For additional information and the FSTL application , please access the FSTL Portion of the Staff Council website.

 For questions regarding the FSTL program, please contact the FSTL program administrator at

 Steps for the Employee Seeking a Tuition Waiver

 1. Apply and be accepted into the university through the Undergraduate or Graduate Admissions Office.

 2. Register for the course to ensure course availability, including course number, section number, dates and times of the class.

 3. After gaining admission and registering for the course, complete the “Application for Faculty/Staff Tuition Waiver” and obtain signature approval from your supervisor or Department Head to take the course and employee eligibility approval from the Human Resources Department.  Deliver the approved tuition waiver application to the Student Accounts Office prior to the first day of classes.

 4. Adding, dropping a class, or making any changes to the course(s) the tuition waiver is applied for must be completed by end of appropriate drop/add period for that particular semester. If a class is dropped after this period, it will still count toward the maximum of three courses allowed per academic year under the tuition waiver program.

 5. A waiver is only approved for one semester and a new waiver must be completed each semester an employee enrolls in a class.

Cost to Employee

Special Fees - Tuition and general student fees will be waived and the employee will not be responsible for payment of such fees.  However, specific course or program fees will be the responsibility of the employee (for example, a fee charged to engineering students for that major, is not considered a general student fee).

 Changes in Employment Status - The employee must continue his or her permanent employment status for the entire semester during which the course is taken and is required to complete the full schedule of normal work obligations.  Upon termination or other changes in employment status, which would make the employee ineligible under this policy or the Board of Governor’s Policy or Regulations, the employee will be billed for the tuition and fees for the entire semester unless he or she has officially withdrawn from the class within the time frame designated by the University.


Undergraduate tuition waivers are not taxable to an employee recipient.  Graduate tuition waivers are taxable for amounts in excess of $5,250 provided within one calendar year.  If the Graduate courses are related to or required by the employee's current position, the waiver could be tax free.  The job connection must be documented by the employee's Department Chair and submitted to the Payroll Office by December 1 of year in which the waiver is granted.

Utilizing Tuition Waiver for a Constituent University

As a university employee you may also utilize tuition waiver to attend classes at one of the 15 constituent universities within the North Carolina System, see map.

Employees will need to: 

 1.  Meet the above stated criteria

 2.  Complete a UNC Charlotte Tuition Waiver form, ensuring that Human Resources signs the ‘Verification of Employment’ area, indicating you are employed at this university.

 3.  Submit the completed form following the tuition waiver procedures of the university which you are enrolling.

 4.  Make sure you have made copies for your files before submitting form.

 For additional information on the UNC Charlotte Tuition Waiver Program for employees, please see University Policy 101.1 (tuition privileges for certain faculty and staff).


Tuition Waiver Form