New Positions: Summary of steps and documentation needed from manager

Step 1:

1. Position Description – The description of the position’s purpose, role, and responsibilities; what you are recruiting for. SHRA Position). In order to expedite, please speak with your management team to obtain a funding commitment before completing a Proposal Request for a new position through NinerTalent.

Identify Business Need:Proposal Request 

  • Describe the work you need to assign (or re-assign)
  • List the competencies (knowledge & skills) you anticipate the work requiring
  • Have some idea of available budgeted salary
  • Have confirmation of leadership’s commitment of resources
  • Use Proposal Request to submit 
  • When response from HR Consultant received, use Create a New Position

Position Description Components 

  • Career Band – role description; description of work
  • Functional Competencies – required knowledge, skill and abilities to perform the work
  • Job Duties – tasks and responsibilities; examples of the work to be done in the job specific to each required functional competency area
  • Priority Order –  ranking of  required functional competency areas from most important to least important for successfully achieving business needs
  • Requirements (State Minimum and Preferred Qualifications)
  • Physical Requirements (ADA Checklist)

Step 2:

Within 30 days of the new hire being on board, the manager is required to submit a Work Plan. The work plan section is outlined based on position description and you can add SMART (Specific, Measurable, Aligned, Realistic & Timely) goals that will guide the employee towards what you expect to measure them against. This work plan  will be used during the annual evaluation process so it is imperative to think through the work plan, your expectations for this position and how you will measure it.

Step 3:

By the end of the employee’s first six months, a Competency Assessment be completed (via HRMS) to indicate that the person is demonstrating the competencies required for the position and to confirm that the employee is being compensated in the appropriate market range.  The competency assessment only needs to be completed at the end of probation if it was not completed within the recruitment hiring proposal.  If you find it hard to align the competencies being demonstrated by the employee to the budgeted position level you recruited for, contact your Compensation Consultant to discuss.