Salary Increase Requests


Definitions of salary increase terms may be found in the Salary Administration Plan.

There are three (3) terms used to define the different types of SHRA position actions which may result in a salary increase:

Career Band Change or Reallocation - the duties have changed so completely that the former career band and its set of competencies do not address what is needed to accomplish the work done by the position.  This is a change from one career band to another career band - "reallocation" is the term used.

Position Competency Level Change - the duties have changed so that a new level of competency is required to do the work.  The competency levels are tied to salary market ranges, so that if the overall level of required competency changes from Contributing to Journey or from Journey to Advanced, a salary increase may be possible.

Career Progression Increase - the duties have changed, but not to the extent that a level or a career band change is justified.  The career band and overall level remain the same, but some competencies are being required and demonstrated at a different level.  This may allow for an increase within the competency level range.

Note: All SHRA salary increase requests must be submitted through NinerTalent via the Modify PD action.