SHRA Career Banding

Career banding is the North Carolina statewide classification and compensation system for SHRA employees that focuses on demonstrated competencies as required by the business need of the organization. Employees in the career banded system are assigned a specific classification and level based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for their specific position.

Each employee in a career banded position is evaluated on the competencies they demonstrate in their position. Each competency is given a rating of Contributing, Journey, or Advanced. From these individual competency ratings, an overall competency rating is assigned by the supervisor that reflects the competency level of the employee. The overall level that is assigned to the employee should not exceed the overall level of the position.

For a review of OSHR competency profiles, please explore the classification specifications and select the career band that you wish to review. This will provide you with an overview of the different career bands. Once you have identified the career band that fits your business need, please contact your HR Consultant to obtain a current job description template.  

The compensation team will work with managers to identify the most appropriate career band/role/level for the business need. Once the correct career band is identified, the job description can be built based on the appropriate competencies which will support the compensation needs for the position.

Once you are ready to build a new position, or make a change to an existing position, please consult with your HR Consultant as regards the most appropriate course of action. Anyone of our team members can assist you, but here is a general outline of how our team assists the University.

  • Kieffer Gaddis, Director of SHRA Position Management: 7-0654

  • Tiffani McCain, HR Consultant: 7-0655

  • Steve Barnhart, HR Consultant: 7-0657

Kieffer Gaddis - email

  • Create New Position Description

  • Modify Position Description

Tiffani McCain - email

  • Create New Position Description

  • Modify Position Description

Steve Barnhart - email

  • Temporary Career Progression Adjustment
  • Market Adjustment
  • Supervisor Change
  • Change/Extend Funding Source 
  • FTW Change
  • NinerTalent Access
  • NinerTalent Navigation
  • User Type changes or access in NinerTalent
  • Banner entry/reconciliation of SHRA position & job information