FLSA Status

What is FLSA Status?

Employers are required to analyze and determine the FLSA exemption status of each position. Positions are designated as either exempt or nonexempt based on salary level, salary basis, and job duties performed. Nonexempt employees are eligible to earn overtime for all hours worked beyond forty hours in a work week. Exempt employees are not. Most University employees are designated as FLSA nonexempt. Employers are required to maintain time records for all nonexempt employees to ensure compliance with overtime provisions.

What is the Difference Between Exempt and Nonexempt?

Additional Considerations:

  • FLSA does not require that nonexempt employees be paid hourly. A salaried employee can be designated as nonexempt and overtime eligible. 
  • A position's job title, career band, or competency level does not determine exemption status.
  • All positions (SHRA and EHRA) must be evaluated to determine FLSA status. Both position types can be designated as exempt or nonexempt.