The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is committed to diversity, access, and inclusion. The Department of Human Resources offers both in-person training and online learning modules in Percipio concerning diversity, access, and inclusion. 


In-Person Workshops:  Learning and Development Registration Site

  • Disability as Diversity: Creating an Accessible Workplace
  • Interpersonal Communications: Relate or Negate

Online Learning: Percipio

  • Bridging the Diversity Gap (18 minutes)
  • Your Role in Workplace Diversity (22 minutes)
  • Understanding Unconscious Bias (18 minutes)
  • Overcoming Unconscious Bias in the Workplace (22 minutes)
  • Overcoming Your Own Unconscious Biases (18 minutes)
  • Maintaining a Cohesive Multigenerational Workforce (23 minutes)
  • How Culture Impacts Communication (21 minutes)
  • Using Communication Strategies to Bridge Cultural Divides (23 minutes)
  • Cultivating Relationships with Your Peers (19 minutes)
  • The Art and Science of Communication (16 minutes)

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