Performance reviews

Performance Review Process
The performance of all University employees is reviewed and evaluated regularly to guide and support staff development and to provide the basis for personnel decisions including salary adjustment, reappointment, promotion, and reallocation.
Each department and college is expected to establish guidelines and procedures for the annual evaluation of all members of the faculty that are consistent with, and may be more extensive than, the procedures for the annual evaluation of tenured and tenure-track members established by the Faculty Council. The job performance of every tenured and tenure-track faculty member will be evaluated each year. This evaluation will be undertaken by each department chair under departmental criteria and procedures.
Reviews for reappointment, promotion, and/or conferral of permanent tenure involve a peer review process conducted according to Section 6 of the "Tenure Policies, Regulations, and Procedures of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte" (Tenure Document), the college and departmental policies, procedures, and criteria that implement them, and the University’s Affirmative Action Plan.  Areas reviewed are
            Teaching, Advising, Curriculum and Instructional Development
            Scholarly Research, Creative, and other Professional Activities
            Service to the University, the Public, and the Profession.
For Tenured Faculty Performance Review is a periodic and comprehensive review of faculty members who have tenure, with the goals of promoting faculty development and productivity and providing additional accountability.
As additional evaluation process has been designed for Academic Administrators.  Detailed information on each of these processes is available in Chapter VI of the Academic Personnel Procedures Handbook.
EHRA Staff:
Each of the Vice Chancellors is responsible for the process for reviewing each EHRA staff member on an annual basis who holds an appointment in their Division. (Chapter XI, Section F of the Academic Personnel Procedures Handbook).
SHRA Staff:
The Performance Management System for North Carolina employees who are subject to the State Personnel Act (G.S. 126) is a management process for ensuring employees are focusing their work efforts in ways that contribute to achieving the agency’s mission. It consists of three phases: (a) setting expectations for employee performance, (b) maintaining a dialogue between supervisor and employee to keep performance on track, and (c) measuring actual performance relative to performance expectations.  The first two phases are accomplished by the Work plan –- a document that describes the work to be completed by an employee within the performance cycle, the performance expected, and how the performance will be measured.  The third phase is accomplished through the annual evaluation process.  A corrective action plan is a short-term action plan initiated when an employee’s performance fails to meet expectations. Its purpose is to achieve an improvement in performance.
More details on SHRA Performance Management are provided in Section 10 of the State Personnel Manual and University Policy Statement # 601.11.