The application system will not allow me to attach a supplemental document. What are the probable causes?

The system supports documents that are less than 9 MB in size. If you find that your documents are too large to upload, here are some things you can try to reduce their size(s):

1) Pictures and/or logos are notorious for taking up space in documents, so reducing their size or eliminating them altogether is an easy way to decrease your overall document size.  If you are scanning in a transcript, you should also have the option to reduce your pixel-size, which can help make the file smaller. Note, some transcripts are coded to prohibit scanning or copying.
2) Converting files into an Adobe PDF format is another great way to reduce your document size. If you already have a version of Adobe on your computer, you can print the document to PDF (selecting PDF Printer in your Print Properties box) to convert a Word doc to a PDF doc. It should ask you where to save it once it's been converted.