Can a current student employee be employed as a temporary staff employee?

No. An employee may not hold concurrent assignments in which they are designated as both a student and non-student employee. Departments may hire a current student employee as long as the subject employee is placed in another student assignment (Federal Work Study, Graduate Assistant, or Student Temporary Wage) and the combined weekly hours of work do not exceed twenty (20).
However, departments may hire a student to fill a non-student temporary position provided they have no additional student work assignment(s).  In addition, they understand that they will not be taxed, nor treated like a student employee. Meaning, hours of work will be scheduled at the discretion of the hiring department without respect to the student’s course schedule. Note: students hired in this capacity must complete all required temporary staff paperwork. Additionally, the hiring department must submit a PD-17 (Temporary Staff Authorization Request) to initiate approval of this action.
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