How do I initiate recruitment activities for a newly established, or recently vacated, SHRA position (either permanent or time-limited)?

To initiate recruitment activities for a vacant SHRA position (either new or existing), you must create a Vacancy Notice through NinerTalent.  For instructions on how to post your vacancy click here for User Guide. Completed request that are submitted to HR for Approval are reviewed and posted within 1-2 business days.  Initiators will receive an email confirmation when their posting has been approved by Human Resources, along with the postings open and close dates.  If you would like to advertise externally, the Initiator can indicate as such in the posting and an Employment Specialist will follow-up for to approve the ad copy and quote.  Additionally, please note that if the position's incumbent is leaving University service, you must also submit a copy of the resignation letter/email, along with a Notification of Separation form, to the Benefits office.

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