How do I review the status of new hire paperwork or EPAF?

To insure that new and returning employees have system access on or before their first day of work, hiring departments must submit the appropriate hiring paperwork or EPAF approvals in advance of the employee’s start date.

  1. Ensure the hiring action was processed completely.

    1. If the hiring action was completed in NinerTalent:

      1. Log into NinerTalent and view the posting status. 

      2. The posting status of Filled indicates hiring action was processed.

      3. For pool postings, verify the Hiring Proposal status has been moved to Hiring Proposal Approved.  

    2. If the hiring action was completed through the EPAF system, check to see if EPAF is in the status of Complete.

  2. If the NinerTalent posting status is Filled or the EPAF is in the status of Complete, then check Banner to verify the job has been entered.  

    1. If the supervisor does not have access to view jobs in Banner, check with your business officer to verify.

    2. If the job is found in Banner, the hiring process is complete.  

    3. If the job is NOT found in Banner, the business officer should contact the central approver based on the job type.  

      1. SHRA -- contact HR - Rachel Pierson-Bonin or Jim Rodgers 

      2. Temporary Staff -- contact HR - Grace Wright   

      3. EHRA Staff -- contact HR - Heather Benson 

      4. Faculty -- contact Academic Affairs - Franci Hamilton

Please note: Department administrators and the employee should not contact the central approvers directly. They should be working through their business officer.


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