The LEAD curriculum is available in the Learning & Development Portal. It is a self-paced, blended learning curriculum composed of workshops and eLessons. LEAD Certification is available to anyone, and all newly hired or promoted managers must complete it within a year. All LEAD workshops are offered four times a year so that you may register for the date and time that works best for you. The eLessons may be completed anytime and anyplace there is internet access.

The LEAD curriculum has evolved over the past five years - the course requirements, course names, as well as where and how the workshops and online modules are assigned and delivered have all changed. Although the curriculum is to be completed within 365 days of assignment, some people have fallen behind. 

If you were assigned LEAD BEFORE January 1, 2021 you must now meet the 2021 curriculum requirements. To obtain credit for completing this required training, follow these steps:

1. Pull your learning transcript from the Leaning and Development Portal

2. Pull your learning transcript from Percipio

3. Search your email to determine when you were initially assigned LEAD. 

4. Download the LEAD Curriculum Equivalencies to compare your transcripts and determine which 2021 requirements you have met and still need to complete.

5. When you have fulfilled all of the 2021 LEAD Curriculum requirements, send documentation to hrtraining@uncc.edu.