Learning and Organizational Development

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Learning & Organizational Development cultivates partnerships and provides a strategic selection of individual and organizational development opportunities for all UNC Charlotte employees. We support continuous improvement by promoting an organizational culture that values and aligns with the Institutional Goals.


Customer Service – We define customer service as being available, listening with empathy, providing timely responses and following through.  We strive to be helpful, trustworthy, and proactive.  We serve others by empowering them with knowledge and skills to perform at their best. 

Strategic Perspective – We work to strategically align our initiatives with the UNC Charlotte Institutional Plan. We challenge the status quo to promote efficient and effective operations.  We focus on the big-picture and take a proactive stance in leading employees to develop solutions to the exciting challenges we face. 

Integrity – We demonstrate unity, authenticity, accountability, and honesty. We exhibit mutual respect by bringing diverse views together and resolving differences professionally. We demonstrate teamwork by being reliable partners to one another and those we serve.

Continuous Improvement – We practice continuous process analysis and improvement to support the successful growth of our University. We are open to receiving and acting upon feedback. We encourage innovative solutions that lead to more efficient processes and increased customer satisfaction. We support employee performance-improvement by offering professional development programs to all faculty and staff.