New Employee Orientation and Onboarding

New Employee Orientation (NEO) is a 4-hour class designed to welcome new employees and introduce them to the content online in our University Onboarding course in Canvas.  New employees can work at their own pace to complete the course within their first 120-days on the job. 

The Orientation class is held every other Tuesday in Colvard 5092 for all new staff (EHRA and SHRA) and adjunct faculty (who start after Faculty Orientation).  The session welcomes new employees and teaches them how to navigate the Onboarding course.  After a campus bus tour and a lunch break, participants have the option of attending a 2-hour Benefits Enrollment Workshop.  Here, Benefits Counselors will be available to answer questions and guide employees through the benefits election process.

The Onboarding course is grouped into 6 modules; each module can easily be completed within 1-hour.  Also included are monthly checklists for the employee and manager to provide consistency and structure to the departmental onboarding process. The course includes discussion boards, short eLessons, and engaging “Campus Connection Events”.  These mini field trips to key locations on campus provide valuable opportunities for new employees to become involved in the campus community and develop strong social connections.  Why does that matter?  Research reveals that doing so leads to higher retention, performance, and engagement. Who doesn't want that? 

The Campus Connection events last 1-hour and are integrated throughout the course as described below. Click here for the annual schedule of events.

  1. 60-days after orientation, employees meet for a guided tour of the Popp-Martin Student Union and receive a free meal voucher for on-campus dining.
  2. 90-days after orientation, employees reconnect for a guided tour of an athletic facility (football stadium in summer 2 & fall semesters; basketball arena in spring & summer 1 semesters). Employees receive a free ticket for either a football or basketball game, depending on the current season.
  3. 120-days after orientation, employees gather for a guided tour of Belk Gym and receive a five-day access voucher.
  4. ~365-days after orientation, employees and their managers are invited to reconnect once more for a 1-year anniversary reception.

What’s Next:  New employees will be enrolled in the Canvas Onboarding course one week before their Orientation date.  They may begin exploring the first two introductory modules right away- even before their first day of work.

  • In Module 1: Getting Started they will learn about the history of UNC Charlotte
  • In Module2: Employee Benefits they can explore the many benefit options with loved ones

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