2016 Appropriations Act

Monday, October 3, 2016


As you may recall, the 2016 General Assembly ratified and on July 14, 2016 Governor McCrory signed into law the 2016 Appropriations Act which provides to eligible employees a one-time across-the board .5% bonus for SHRA and EHRA employees (including faculty); a merit-based bonus for SHRA employees based on current evaluation ratings at level Good (3) or higher; and a merit-based bonus pool for EHRA employees (including faculty).
The bonuses are distinct and to be administered consistent with the legislation and GA policy guidance now in place.
Attached is information outlining eligibility criteria for the various bonuses and other detail, as well as the timeline now planned for these amounts to show in pay of eligible employees.
If there are questions, please contact the individuals noted below by employment category:
For SHRA:  Kieffer Gaddis in HR at kgaddis@uncc.edu or 7-0654
For EHRA Staff:  Sarah Ekis in HR at sekis@uncc.edu or 7-0655
For EHRA Faculty: Dawn Tench in AA at hftench@uncc.edu or 7-5773
Please share this information within your areas of responsibility.
You can also download the SHRA and EHRA bonuses chart to share with others in your department. 
Gary Stinnett