Notable Niner Staff Recognition Program

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Notable Niner
Staff Recognition Program

The Human Resources Department is happy to announce the staff recognition program, Notable Niner!

The Notable Niner program was created to help staff members receive recognition for the exemplary efforts they put forth each day. The program was designed so that timely and spontaneous recognition can be given and shared year round.

Submitting a Notable Niner is easy! Recognition is delivered by submitting a written submission either through the online form or on printed submission cards. Printed submission cards can be obtained by contacting Katherine Tomey or by printing them out from the website.

Although receiving recognition from your supervisors and peers is quite a prize itself, there is more to this program. Once monthly, submissions will be compiled and through a random drawing and winners will be selected to receive a $25 gift card! A video of the drawing will be posted online along with all approved submissions.

Further information about the program is available online and by contacting your Staff Award & Recognition Coordinator, Katherine Tomey, at or 7-8673.