Interim Review Process for Employees with Approved Work Plan in HRMS


Any employees who received annual performance ratings for 2012-13 will already have a work plan in HRMS.  You will complete their interim reviews through the Evaluation module.  Instructions for Completing the Interim Review process for employees who have a work plan in the system will be linked to the Start Evaluation landing page in HRMS.  Steps to complete the interim review process in the Evaluation Module are as follows:

  1.  Log in and select the  Initiator/Hiring Hiring Manager user type.
  2. Under the menu item POSITION DESCRIPTIONS on the left, select  SEARCH POSITIONS.
    •  Scroll down to enter your employee’s last name or position number at the bottom right
    •  Click on SEARCH at bottom left.
  3. Under the Position Number column, select Get Reports List
  4. Select Work Plan and GENERATE REPORT
  5. Scroll down through the Work Plan to confirm that the SMART goals and behavioral goals are consistent with what you expect of the employee. 
    •  If they are not, you need to review the position description and work plan and modify one or both, as needed.  This interim review period gives you an excellent chance to improve on the employee’s work plan if it is not current.
  6. If the work plan is accurate, review each functional and behavioral competency goal and note any areas of “below good” performance that you will need to address with your employee.  Note any other areas you would like to discuss and any specific plans you have for the employee over the next six months.
  7. Schedule a meeting time and ask your employee to review his or her own work plan by: 
    •  Logging into HRMS
    •  Selecting VIEW MY POSITION
    •  Selecting Get Reports List, Work Plan and GENERATE REPORT
    •  Printing out the work plan for the meeting, if desired.

After the interim review meeting with the employee,

  1. Select  START EVALUATION under the EVALUATIONS menu in HRMS.
  2. Enter the Employee’s last name or the position number
    ∙ Click on SEARCH
  3.  Select Start Action under the Classification Title
  4. Evaluation Details: Scroll down the page to the Evaluation Type field.  Select Interim
  5. Type in the dates 03/01/2013 – 09/30/2013  
  6. Optional Use of Attach Documents Tab: If your employee is not meeting your goals in one or more competency areas, fill out the Performance Management Improvement Plan
    •  Save the Word Document on your computer.
    •  Browse to locate the document and attach the file
    •  Select Confirm to attach the document
    •  Select Continue to Next Page
  7. Overall Rating and Development Plan: An Overall Performance Rating is required and Hiring Manager’s comments are optional on an Interim Review.  However, please note In the Hiring Manager’s Comments field if you have attached an improvement plan.
  8. The Interim Review does not have to be sent to the Reviewer unless an Improvement Plan is attached. In this case, please notify your supervisor before you meet with the employee.  If you have no comments,
    •  Select Continue to Next Page
  9. View Performance Evaluation Summary: Under Evaluation Status, If Employee is meeting expectations in all areas or an improvement plan has been discussed, submit the Interim Review (“Submit Evaluation”) to Employee.
  10. Employee then logs into HRMS
    •  selects Active Evaluations under EVALUATIONS ,
    •  clicks the Overall Rating and Development Plan tab,
    •  certifies the Interim Review by electronic signature (entering initials), and
    •  submits the Interim Review (“Evaluation”) back to the Initiator/Hiring Manager

This Interim Review will remain in the Initiator/Hiring Manager’s “Active Evaluations” file in HRMS, but will not block the manager from starting the annual Performance Evaluation process in March 2014.