Interim Review Process for Employees Without Approved Work Plans

Process for Completing an Interim Review

for employees not Evaluated in current positions in 2012-13; or

for employees without current or approved work plans in HRMS:

Employees who were not evaluated in 2012-13 due to more recent hire dates may need to have a work plan entered into the system.  Other employees have job duties and work plans that need revision – separate from any salary request − because the position information in HRMS is not current. 

The interim review period is the time for you to review each employee’s current online position description and work plan in the system to ensure that employees are being appropriately evaluated.   If your employee needs a new or revised work plan, these user guides are provided to help you update your employee’s information:

⇒Position Descriptions are the basis for Work Plans.  For making Job Duty and Priority Order Changes to a Position Description, see Modify Position Description without Budget Change

⇒When you receive notification that the position description has been approved, build the work plan in HRMS using the guide Initiate/Modify a Work Plan.  A video guide is also available for those working from a paper work plan here:  Transferring Performance Expectations into HRMS (Video)

  If you follow the steps above to create or modify a work plan for your employee in HRMS, the Interim Review will occur as part of the Work Plan certification process.  Steps to completion are:

  1. Review position description in HRMS and if any updates are needed, use the “Modify Position without Budget Change” action as noted above to make job duty and priority order (not competency level) changes
  2. Use the user guides above to enter or revise a work plan in HRMS.  Make sure the work plan includes both SMART goals specific to each required competency and behavioral goals.
    ►For employees performing below expectations that were previously established and discussed, develop a Performance Management Improvement Plan and attach it to the Attach Documents tab in the Work Plan.  Notify the employee’s Reviewer before submitting an improvement plan to an employee.
  3. Submit the work plan to your employee for review.  Employee will need to:
    ∙  Log into HRMS
    ∙  Click on PENDING REQUEST
    ∙  Click on View under the Classification Title
    ∙  Click on Work Plan in the Reports box
    ∙  Print out for meeting if desired.
  4. Meet with your employee to discuss your expectations for this performance cycle
  5. Have your employee certify the work plan (guide: Certify a Work Plan as Employee User)
  6. When the employee submits the electronically signed work plan back to you, submit it to HR for approval. 

The approved Work Plan in HRMS will complete your Interim Review and establish a basis for the annual Performance Evaluation conducted in March 02014.