Retirement Process and Resources

Retirement Information


Schedule a counseling session through the UNC Charlotte Benefits Office

  • Employees Subject to Human Resources Act (SHRA) - Contact: Gina Ewart, King Building, room 202 / / (704) 687-0647
  • Employees Exempt from the Human Resources Act (EHRA) and Faculty - Contact:  Joy Finney, King Building, room 207 / (704) 687-70648


TSERS (Teachers and State Employees Retirement System)
ORP (Optional Retirement Plan)
Social Security Resource:  
What does Medicare Part A&B cover?


  • Department:
    • Return University ID cards, keys, uniforms, tools/equipment (such as cell phones or lap top computers), phone cards, purchasing cards, all petty cash items (receipts and cash), and other university property
  • Library:
    • Return any library materials and pay any outstanding fines
  • Parking Services:
    • Pay any outstanding fines
  • Travel & Complex Payments
    • Pay any outstanding travel advances, fees, etc.


General retirement counseling services


           Judy Williamson, Associate and Retirement Counselor, Consulting Research Group
           (919) 870.6822 (ext. 10291) |

  • Social Security Administration

Lisa Wallace, Public Affairs Specialist 
2201 Coronation Blvd Ste 100, Charlotte, NC 28227-6716  
1-888-397-5615 x 21832  |

Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System TSERS

           1-877-NCSECURE (1-877-627-3287)  |

Optional Retirement Plan, UNC System 403b and 457 Supplemental Retirement Plans

  • Fidelity                                   

          Jared McVey, CRPC® , Director, Retirement Planner
          (704) 614-4167  |,

  • TIAA  

          Gary Craddock
          Financial Consultant, Field Consulting Group
          (704) 988-2597  |

401k and 457 Supplemental Retirement Plans

          Rob Sipprell, CRC® 
          Retirement Counselor – Education Specialist| North Carolina Total Retirement Plans
          919.583.2677 | ​