2021 Employee of the Year Nomination Information

2021 Employee of the Year Nominations
Nominations are closed



A. Greer Friedrich — School of Architecture, Academic Affairs

Carol Hartley —  Languages and Culture Studies, Academic Affairs

James "Cass" Ferguson — Facilities and Events, Athletics

Catherine "Cat" Runden — Research Protections and Integrity, Academic Affairs

Erica Tadlock —  Mechanical Engineering, Academic Affairs

Jody Thompson — Auxiliary Services, Business Affairs

Jon Reece — Enrollment Management, Academic Affairs

Katie Montie — Office of Disability Services, Academic Affairs

Laura Hart — Cato College of Education, Academic Affairs

Mindy Sides-Walsh — Student Engagement, Student Affairs

Rebekah Hartberger — Controller, Business Affairs

Shawnie Kent — Biological Science, Academic Affairs

Katharina Findlater — Business Affairs Administration, Business Affairs

Human Resources Benefits Team Nominations

Marina LeLeux — Human Resources, Business Affairs

Stephanie Lazzaro — Human Resources, Business Affairs


Kimberly Laney — Niner Central Support Services, Academic Affairs

Krista Collins  —  Facilities Management, Business Affairs

Michael Fresina — College of Computing and Informatics, Academic Affairs


Christopher Schultz — Facilities Management, Business Affairs

Elena Payne-Wiens — College of Art + Architecture, Academic Affairs

Heather Gladys — Undergraduate Admissions, Academic Affairs

Heather McCullough — Center for Teaching & Learning, Academic Affairs

Jason Williams — OneIT, Academic Affairs

Laura Williams — Financial Services, Business Affairs

Mary Factor — Environmental Health and Safety, Business Affairs

Rich Preville —  Audiovisual Integration & Support, Academic Affairs

Season Jamison — OneIT, Academic Affairs

G.T. Hobday — Student Development and Success, Academic Affairs

Parking & Transportation Services-Team Nomination 

Doug Lape — Parking & Transportation Services, Business Affairs

Denise Larson — Parking & Transportation Services, Business Affairs

Kenan Foster — Parking & Transportation Services, Business Affairs

Alanna Sherrow — Parking & Transportation Services, Business Affairs

Honors College Team Nomination 

Gretchen Bagley — Honors College, Academic Affairs

Shannon Zurell-Carey — Honors College, Academic Affairs

Return to Campus Kit Group Team Nomination 

Rachel Skipworth — Business Services, Business Affairs

Rick Torres — Business Services, Business Affairs

Horace Lytch —  Business Services, Business Affairs

Katharina Findlater — Business Affairs Administration, Business Affairs


Chris Gonyar — Safety & Security, Business Affairs


Angie Williams — Department of English, Academic Affairs


Nominiation Information:

Nominations for the 2021 awards are currently being accepted until Friday, March 19. To submit a nomination, please use the online webform. If you are unable to use the webform, please send the required documents to Rebecca Behner in Human Resources. 

Submitted nominations will not be considered complete unless they have all of the following components:

  • Nomination form with signatures from the nominator, department head and vice chancellor
  • Written recommendation (Total length not to exceed 2 pages with 11 point font and 0.5" margins)
  • Department head comments

Additional supporting documentation may be submitted if the individual is being nominated in the categories of Community/Public Service or Safety/Heroism. 

The nominations must be reviewed and approved by the supervisor and department head of the nominee, who will sign off first, before moving forward to the appropriate vice chancellor. After the nomination form is completed with all written recommendations, signatures, and comments, it is submitted online or printed to Human Resources.

All permanent SHRA and EHRA staff members with two or more years of continuous service (at the time of nomination) are eligible for nomination. An exception may be considered if an employee with less than two years of service has engaged in an act of safety/heroism as defined below. Further information about eligibility can be found in PIM 44 and Policy Statement 101.11.

An employee can be nominated in one of the following 5 categories:

  • Devotion to Duty: Through unselfish devotion to duty, far and above normal requirements, have contributed significant service to the University community
  • Innovation: Have initiated and successfully established new and outstanding methods, practices, plans, or designs having fundamental values
  • Human Relations: Have made outstanding contributions to the field of human relations, employee-management relations, or any allied field
  • Community/Public Service: Have made outstanding contributions by participating in or implementing community and public service projects
  • Safety/Heroism: Have demonstrated outstanding judgment, courage, or ability in an emergency; meritorious action or service to prevent injury, loss of life, or prevent damage to or loss of property

Further information can be found by reviewing PIM 44 and University Policy Statement 101.11 or by contacting Cindy Edwards, ckedward@uncc.edu or 704-687-0658.