Service Awards FAQ


How does the updated Awards Program work?

  • Service Award notification will be sent quarterly to promptly recognize service milestones.
  • A partnership has been formed with Barnes & Noble at UNC Charlotte to provide flexibility in choosing awards as well as offer gift options for those who wish to have UNC Charlotte branded merchandise.
  • Service Award recipients will be given a credit specifically for use at Barnes & Noble at UNC Charlotte. The credit will be placed on their 49er ID Card. This credit may be used for a gift purchase of their choice from the bookstore.

Why the change?

  • Expiration of the contract with the state awards vendor created an opportunity for change. Many staff members expressed a desire for UNC Charlotte branded items. There also were concerns that the selection and perceived value of items previously offered were lacking. Using Barnes & Noble at UNC Charlotte assures more items from which to choose with the quality expected from a retail store.

What are the credit amounts?

  • 5 Years - $20
  • 10 Years - $35
  • 15 Years - $50
  • 20 Years - $75
  • 25 Years - $100
  • 30+ Years - $125

Who is eligible to receive an award?

  • Active, permanent EPA and SPA staff members will be recognized for reaching service milestones in five year increments, starting at five years of service.

How is the total number of service years determined?

  • Permanent staff members who have worked at any State agency or State university in North Carolina are granted service credit by month, as long as they worked half or more of the days of any given month. Employment as a temporary, student worker, graduate assistant, etc., are not included.

Can Service Award gifts be used at other Barnes & Noble locations?

  • No. Because the funds are applied to your 49er ID Card, they may only be used on campus at Barnes & Noble at UNC Charlotte.

What kinds of gifts will the campus book store have?

  • The bookstore carries conventional awards such as glassware, pens, clocks and picture frames plus unique items such as afghans, artwork, and a wide selection of logoed gear. From ties to polo shirts, lapel pins to ball caps,  jackets to sweaters, tailgating supplies to popular reading books, the awards selection is now as broad as the contents of the store! Your credit will be valid toward any tangible item at the Barnes & Noble at UNC Charlotte. The credit cannot be used to purchase gift cards. The credit may also be applied toward the purchase of items that cost more than the award amount. 
  • If an employee wants an item that is not in open stock (such as particular trade book titles, jewelry, etc.) they are encouraged to ask Barnes & Noble at UNC Charlotte manager if it may be ordered.

Will the monetary value of my Service Award credit be equal to that of the gifts from the old program?

  • The monetary value will be equal to or greater than what was offered before.

What if I wanted a gift from the old program?

  • There is a small inventory of items from the old program (logoed with North Carolina State seal). When depleted, this option will no longer be available.

If I do not spend the full amount, can I get cash back?

  • No. Cash back or cash refunds cannot be given, so please, spend the full amount.

Can I choose more than one item?

  • Yes!  If the total amount exceeds the amount of the credit, you can pay the difference.

How long do I have to select my gift item?

  • An expiration date will be shared with you your Service Award.
    Please note: if you leave the university prior to the Award expiration date and the exhaustion of funds, your ID card and the award credit will no longer be valid.

Can I use my staff discount?

  • Yes. In addition to your 20% staff discount, Barnes & Noble at UNC Charlotte will further enhance the value of your Service Award gift by providing an additional 10% discount. That’s a total discount of 30% on eligible items! This discount can be applied to most items in the bookstore (ineligible items include textbooks and clearance items).

Will I be charged sales tax?

  • -   Yes, applicable taxes will be charged.

What if I don’t have my 49er ID Card?

  • You can have one made at the 49er Card and Meal Plans Office, Auxiliary Services Building or the ID Office on the main level of the Student Union.

What if there are special circumstances preventing me from using my credit? (For example, medical leave)

-   Please contact your Staff Award and Recognition Coordinator in the Employee Relations Office.

Is there a way to check my remaining balance?

-   Yes, you can check your balance online at:

I still have questions. Whom should I contact?

  • For questions about the Service Awards Program, please contact Cindy Edwards, Employee Relations, at or 7-0658.
  • For questions pertaining to length of service and service date calculations, contact: Gina Ewart, ,704-687-0647.