Federal Work Study

Federal Work Study is a federally funded, need-based, financial assistance program administered by the Office of Student Financial Aid and the Student Employment Office (HR). This program provides eligible participants (undergraduate and graduate students) with employment opportunities in which to earn funds to help with educational expenses.

There are several distinct advantages associated with program participation:

  • Studies have shown that student participation in the Federal Work Study program results in improved time management skills, enhanced classroom performances, and more active involvement in campus activities;
  • Student employees and their respective supervisors work in close collaboration to develop a work schedule suited for botd the department’s needs and the students availability;
  • The vast majority of work-study positions are conveniently located on-campus. However, the program also offers a growing number of off-campus, community service-oriented employment opportunities (America Reads/Counts). Regardless of the location, participating students gain valuable professional contacts, experiences, and/or references in preparation for future entry into the job market.

Students that participate in the Federal Work Study program would have applied for Financial Aid and have been awarded and accepted the Federal Work Study grant. Only those students that have been awarded the grant and accepted it are eligible to apply for and to work a designated Federal Work Study position.

Returning Federal Work Study students can pick their re-appointment forms from Reese 104.

Students interested in participating in the Federal Work Study program are encouraged to submit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), before April 1st to be considered for the program.

IMPORANT: Completing the FAFSA does not guarantee eligibility in the program. International Students are not eligible for Federal Work Study Funding and are unable to work a Federal Work Study job. Only domestic and permanent resident students who have been formally awarded and accepted Federal Work Study through the Financial Aid office and have secured a job on campus should sign up for an orientation session.

First time Federal Work Study students will be contacted prior to the start of the semester about how to view and apply for positions and notified about the required Orientation for Federal Work Study students. You will only have to attend this orientation once at UNC Charlotte. 



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